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All the Pretty Horses

On the afternoon of April 30th at the beautiful ranch in San Juan Capistrano, CA that KB Performance Horses calls home, we held the Hobby Horse Summer '22 photoshoot. Kirstie...

On the afternoon of April 30th at the beautiful ranch in San Juan Capistrano, CA that KB Performance Horses calls home, we held the Hobby Horse Summer '22 photoshoot. Kirstie Marie Photography along with so many people, both in front of the camera and behind the scenes, made the shoot a success. But, we wanted to take a few minutes to highlight the gorgeous equine models featured in this shoot!

Notice Im Packin aka "Kimber" owned by Julie Sherburne


Kimber is a 9-year-old gray mare loved by her owner Julie and trainer Kayla McQuaig. Kimber was originally purchased by Kayla McQuaig as a 3-year-old. Together they obtained a PtHA World Champion title in the Green Trail and NSBA Champion Title in the Junior Trail. Julie purchased Kimber from Kayla in May of 2020 she is Julie's first horse and is helping her learn to ride and build her confidence. Kayla explained, "Kimber holds a special place in my heart and it makes me so happy that she went to a wonderful owner like Julie. Watching them together brings me so much happiness and I'm so glad that Kimber gets to show Julie all the ropes."

Kimber took to modeling right away and even formed a bond with her human model, Lauren, knickering after her when they parted ways.

VSBlewmeaway aka "Finn" owned by Devon Martin


Finn is a 4-year-old bay gelding that completes in trail classes under the guidance of his owner/amateur rider Devon Martin and his trainer Kayla McQuaig. Devon and Finn are qualified for the 2022 AQHA Adequan Select World Show and are excited to compete there in Oklahoma City. Kayla says "Finn has proven himself to be competitive in a ring of horses of all ages. They placed 12th in the L1 Select Trail at the AQHA Level One West show out of over 50 horses. Finn was one of the youngest horses to compete in the class. A "Select" class means the riders are 50 years or older, but the horses can be any age. So I am so proud of Finn and Devon for holding their own in such a tough pen of mature horses. I am so excited about their future together."

Finn also has tons of personality! He loves turnouts and his favorite treat is lettuce. This was his first Hobby Horse photo shoot and he wasn't sure he liked it. All of the standing around was just a bit too boring for the busy-minded Finn, but he was very happy about all the attention he got!

Gunsup In Tinseltown aka "Pickles" owned by Kristin Titov


Pickles is an 8-year-old palomino gelding. He has been a Reiner for most of his life with NRHA earnings over $50k. However, he is now making a career change to Ranch Riding and maybe a little Horsemanship with his owner Kristin. According to Kristin, "Pickles never let me down in the 5 years of competing in major NRHA events together, so I can't let him down now that he isn't able to do the reining events anymore. It's been a long road of injuries and rehab, but I'm looking forward to learning new things together."

Pickles is the happiest horse you'll ever meet just content to be out of his stall and part of the action. He's been modeling for Hobby Horse since he was 3! As a veteran equine model, he can be counted on for just about any shot!


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