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Bold in Bloom.

This entry was posted in on Posted on July 28 2022 by Hobby Horse Clothing Company Inc..

Whether you’re riding in the saddle or walking on the streets, our Bloom Show Jacket can go the distance! An on-the-horse and off-duty essential, turn heads and catch eyes in this sparkly stand-out style. Read on to discover why we love the dazzling design so much, and how we’re styling it for life outside of the track.

Why We Love the Bloom Jacket

We love Bloom because of its subtle sparkly flower pattern and its versatility — it’s so easy to match! Since the sequins and base fabric are all the same colors, selecting a matching saddle blanket and accessories is simple as can be. When it comes to this classic, the combinations are endless! Plus, both the black and peacock colors will look fabulous on absolutely any color horse!

How we Style the Bloom Jacket

For this off-duty look, we used the Lucky Horse Shoe Wild Rag tied around the model as an underpinning. We love the 35" x 35" wild rags because they are so versatile! Tie around your neck in a ranch class or when riding in the cold for extra warmth, tie around your head to keep your hair out of your face, or tie it around you to wear as a top — the options never end! To complete this look, we just added a fun red-tooled skirt for a little rock ‘n’ roll flare. Want an even more casual look? The Bloom Jacket and Wild Rag would look fabulous with some Kimes Jeans too!