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How to be a good 'non-winner'

This entry was posted in on Posted on October 27 2018 by Hobby Horse Clothing Company Inc..

One would assume that with over $130,000 in NRHA earnings including multiple aged event championships and two NRHA Non Pro Futurity Reserve Championships, Kristin Darnall-Titov would know a thing or two about winning. However, if you ask her, she does a lot more non-winning. Read below to find out what Kristin thinks it means to be a good non-winner.
1. Understand that it happens to everyone.
“We tend to only see the wins and shining moments on social media, but everyone has had bad days, bad runs, and spells of non-winning. Always remember that it happens to the very best and it is going to happen to you as well."
2. Don’t dwell on failure — learn from it.
“I could think about each time I was a non-winner and be disappointed. Or I could move on from it with the lessons it taught me. With each time you don’t win, there is a lesson in it for you. You will be more prepared for the next challenge and will be able to pull from the new knowledge when you need it most.”
©John O'Hara
3. Don’t take it personally.
“It is easy to focus on your non-winning and let it get you down. The key is to review the run one time (ideally with an objective 3rd party) and discuss what went well and what didn’t. Take your learnings and figure out how to incorporate them into your next show. Then let the rest go.”
4. Keep it positive.
“Don’t keep negative thoughts in your head. Tell yourself what you will do next time instead of focusing on what not to do. Don’t tell yourself to not run short. Instead, tell yourself, to run long. Negativity doesn’t help anyone.”
Kristin Darnall-Titov and NRHA Professional Patrick Flaherty at the AzRHA Best of the West ProAm.
5. Be a supportive friend.
“Don’t let your non-winning get in the way of you supporting your friends and fellow competitors. Whether you are a cheerleader, moral support, or help them in their routine, don’t let non-winning get in the way. At the end of the day people won’t remember you by your success in the show pen, they will remember who you were outside of it as well.”