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Stellar Style & Skills in the Show Pen

Hobby Horse CEO, Kristin Titov, talks fashion, horses, and goals with NRHA Professional and Judge, Linde Von Koeding, who recently rocked our Stellar Show Jacket at the Cactus Reining Classic....

Hobby Horse CEO, Kristin Titov, talks about fashion, horses, and goals with NRHA Non-Pro, Taylor Zimmerman, who recently rocked our Pearle and Celeste Blouses at the National Reining Breeders Classic in Katy, TX. We love Taylor and think you will too!
taylor zimmerman

Q: How did you get into showing horses?
A: My family has been in horses since before I was born. They were in the all-around world and then turned to reining. I was born into a family that loves horses so naturally, I did too!
Q: What is your horse’s name and what makes him so special?
A: My horse's name is Its All About Ruf aka TJ. TJ is special in many ways. He is 100% homegrown. We raised him so it’s super special to get to show a homegrown horse but also, he is the kindest and most gentle horse ever. He loves his people and is always looking to please!
Q: What is your favorite Hobby Horse outfit and why?
A: My favorite hobby horse outfit is the lavender Kari limited edition jacket. It was my first hobby horse top I bought. I have had so much success with it when showing TJ. Purple is his color so it’s the ideal shirt!
Q: What goals do you have for this year?
A: A big goal for me this year is to win a major event. I also want to compete in the run for a million and finish top 5 again!
Q: What is the best advice you've ever received?
A: The best advice I’ve ever received was probably to just go show the horse you have and not worry about making the horse anything else than it is. I feel like sometimes we can get caught trying to over-show horses, but more than likely if you just show the horse you have, you will be more successful.
Q: How do you decide what to wear at a show?
A: I decide what to wear at a show by just picking out what I’m feeling that day! I’m not really picky, as long as there is no horrible luck with the shirt, it’s in the running to be worn!
Taylor Anne Zimmerman has been showing since she was 6! She is a 2x AQHYA Reining World Champion and 2019 FEI Team USA Young Rider. Her NRHA lifetime earnings are over $250K! She has been top 5 at every major event, including most recently 2022 NRBC Level 4 Non-Pro Champion, and was 3rd at the Run For A Million $50,000 Non-Pro Class in 2021.
taylor zimmerman


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