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Hobby Horse Photo Shoots: Behind the Scenes

This entry was posted in on Posted on May 22 2019 by Hobby Horse Clothing Company Inc..

Our photo shoots are the perfect combination of a dream team! Without any of these people (and many others), there is no way we could get you the incredible photos that we do. For a little bit of behind-the-scene action, read below!
Hobby Horse CEO: Kristin
"While they are a ton of work, photoshoots are still one of my favorite parts of my job. I absolutely love getting to see all the looks I worked so hard to create come together. Plus I get to work some my very favorite people!" — Kristin Titov, Hobby Horse CEO
Photographer: Kirstie
"The Hobby Horse lifestyle shoots start with an incredible location in the Scottsdale desert at a working horse ranch. There is a variety of tones in the landscape that compliment the intricate and unique Hobby Horse clothing. The models are among the best I’ve ever worked with — both horse and human alike. The team at “base camp” works tirelessly to keep us on a seamless tight schedule. The days move quickly as we rotate models and outfits with efficiency, smiles, and laughter. This entire crew is so much fun to work alongside and I love that the final images reflect our passion and joy on set!" — Kirstie Marie, Kirstie Marie Photography
Model: Kellie
"Being part of the Hobby Horse photoshoot was a dream come true. Growing up doing all-around, I lived in my Hobby Horse show clothing. Now, to represent and work with the creative masterminds behind the brand is such a cool experience! The Hobby Horse photoshoots bring together likeminded people, from all different states, to collaborate and show off the coolest outfits in show clothing and all for the love of horses. Through Hobby Horse I have made some truly amazing life-long friends." — Kellie Buckley, C.M. Modeling
Model: Michaela
"Being apart of this Hobby Horse shoot was a blast. The whole team was full of talented, driven, and kind individuals that knew how to get the job done. And I can’t forget to mention the pretty horse models! I appreciated the opportunity to be in such awesome company and to celebrate an industry that is near and dear to our hearts." — Michaela Espy, C.M. Modeling
Model: Meghan
Hobby Horse was not only an amazing company to work with, but the whole team was such a pleasure to be around! From the trainers, to the photographer, to the stylists, MUA, and equine models, overall such an incredible day and experience!” — Meghan Gates, C.M. Modeling
Model: Meghan
Hobby Horse was not only an amazing company to work with, but the whole team was such a pleasure to be around! From the trainers, to the photographer, to the stylists, MUA, and equine models, overall such an incredible day and experience!” — Meghan Gates, C.M. Modeling
Model: Janelle
"The thing we love most about being a part of the horse world is the fact that we can participate in it as a family. Whether you enjoy riding or not, there is a spot for you to shine in the horse show family. The kids I grew up showing with are now the parents of my children’s friends. When you have know each other that long, you are no longer friends, but family. The people behind Hobby Horse have a similar story and I think that’s what makes the photo shoots and modeling so fun. We are able to help show case a “family member’s” dream and watch it become a reality while laughing, hanging out and taking a few pictures." — Janelle Flaherty, Flaherty Performance Horses
Janelle and daughter, Layla
Model Wrangler & Stylist: Megan
"The hobby horse shoots embody what a show family truly is and what the whole experience is like. One gets to experience the camaraderie hard work and just flat fun! It’s fun to be apart of all of the moving parts. From the sheen that goes on the horses noes, to shinny new tack and trailers to the artistic work of the photographer. It all takes grit, hard work and a TON of talent to make the shoot happen. As a stylist I am honored to work on set of such an amazing team. As a co-owner of C.M. Modeling, it makes me so proud of the women we support in their modeling careers to have an opportunity to work with such a company as Hobby Horse. It truly is a dream job for them, and as a stylist." — Megan Holdren, Owner of CM Modeling & LiveWire Clothing
Media Wrangler: Sara
"These photo shoots are the most incredible combination: wonderful people, beautiful horses, a stunning desert backdrop and gorgeous clothing! There are few times in life where you look around and think 'wow I surrounded by the very best in each of their fields' and that is what you get at Hobby Horse photo shoots. Not only are the people insanely talented, but they're kindness matches." — Sara Honegger, Marketing Coordinator for Hobby Horse Clothing Company
VIP Wrangler: George
“I love the camaraderie the Hobby Horse photo shoots create across different professional platforms, from professional horsemen to models, from photographers to restauranteurs. Personally, one of my favorite things about the Hobby Horse photo shoots is being part of bringing different aspects of the equine world together through our professional partners. This allows me to meet some wonderful people and make some amazing friends.” — George Cuban, Bluebonnet Feeds
Tack Wrangler: Bridget
"It’s been so much fun to have Bob’s Custom Saddles involved in the Hobby Horse photoshoots. We’ve been thrilled to have our saddles be a part of the shoot and had some new silver show saddles and reiners featured this year. They’re styled with colorful show pads and, of course, beautiful models — both human and equine! — and Hobby Horse show clothes. These shoots are a fun way to catch up with members of our western industry and they result in Kirstie Marie’s gorgeous photos!" — Bridget Grobosky, Sales and Marketing Coordinator, Bob's Custom Saddles
Horse Wrangler: Megan Tice
"It is such a pleasure working with the Hobby Horse team. Everyone has such a great attitude and we get to show off some great clothes, with some great people, and some great horses! It is awesome working with Kristin and to see all her hard work, passion, and creativity is so inspiring!" — Megan Tice, 2018 NRHA Rookie of the Year
Clothing Wrangler: Kim
"My favorite part is watching KT's vision come alive. Her enthusiasm is contagious & collaboration with others and how she is changing the perception of the Hobby Horse brand to be current is incredible and a reflection of her." — Kim Friedman, NRHA Non Professional
Makeup: Megan DeHaan
"What an honor to have the CEO of hobby horse reach out to me directly a little over a year ago because she liked the work I did at a charity fashion show. In a little over a year I’ve completed three seasonal campaigns for a company I grew up looking in their magazine and wearing their clothes as a kid showing horses- PINCH ME PLEASE!! Not only has this been a childhood dream come true, but the people/boss babes I’ve met and grown relationships with have been paramount. I cannot say enough great things about it being an honor to work with hobby horse and all of the vendors/participants. Blessed is how I feel after each campaign. Lastly- insanely talented doesn’t cover the creative geniuses-Megan from CW/livewire, Kirstie, and Kristin!! WOW!!" — Megan DeHaan, Community Stylehouse