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Same Jacket, Two Arenas

This entry was posted in on Posted on June 28 2019 by Hobby Horse Clothing Company Inc..

How do you transition your look from the show arena to the arena of life? It can feel intimidating, but Hobby Horse CEO Kristin Titov and LiveWire Style Founder Megan Holdren are here to help! Our very own Kristin gives her take on the Show Arena and Megan gives her secrets to street style in the blog, below!
Show Jacket: The Cindi Jacket is both fun and on trend. Great for most types of classes including reining, western riding, trail, showmanship, western pleasure and more! Flip the sequins on sleeve and hip up for fuchsia or down for indigo or ruffle it up for mix! Show Basics: This jacket should be paired with black basics in the show arena. Black pants for Showmanship and black chaps for mounted events. The body of the jacket being black gives a smooth elongating look when set with black bottoms. While an indigo hat could work, the consistency of all black basics will give a more put together look against the more fashion forward flip-sequins. Show Jewelry: Because the jacket is such a stand out, I’d suggest pairing with more conservative jewelry like the Loren Jewelry Set in AB (as shown above) and Classy Stud Earrings in black.
What makes it fashion: Don’t keep the shine in the show arena, use the fashion of the arena to update your street wear. The cool tones of the Cindi Jacket play off style one would wear with ease; a tee and skinnies. Why it works: Make the look pop with jewelry that plays to both “arenas” such as Rasp Designs' bolo and earrings which pairs perfectly with this Elaine James bag. This look easy to wear with really dope elements that are not expected. How to do it yourself: Look for a monochromatic base such as the black Betty from Kimes Ranch Jeans and this Ali Dee tee available at Keep your base simple with a neutral color lid, such a this stone box elder Nine70 from Greeley Hat Works. Look for simple items to build your base but don’t over crowd your statement piece. In this case it’s the show jacket. All other items should act as supporting role, let the jacket be the leading actress.
Show Jacket: The iridescent sequins of the Luminous Jacket will light up the show arena whether under the sun or spot lights! Like Cindi, Luminous can be worn in multiple events. The key is pairing with the right saddle blanket! I’d recommend Catori in Pink. Show Basics: Black basics are definitely the way to go with this jacket! With all the colors reflected in the iridescent sequins covering it, you definitely don’t want to introduce another color into the mix! Show Jewelry: Classy Stud earring are my go-to when a jacket has a lot going on. It’s important the jewelry doesn’t complete with the jacket, but compliment it.
What makes it fashion: Streetwear meets western. This is a nod to street wear walking the streets of New York while using all western elements. Who said western does won’t know how to fashion? Why it works: When styling a jacket as rad as the Luminous Jacket, one will need pieces that can keep up. Finding pieces the can work well on their own, and compliment the jacket can be tricky. However, we have the ticket. The Kimes Ranch Zorro Shirt and black Betty jeans are perfect for the Luminous Jacket. How to do it yourself: This original from Greeley Hat works has the right rock for the roll with the jacket. Keep the base (top and denim) simple, but where they can also stand alone. Pair a bag with the look that adds to it, but doesn’t steal attention away. Remember we need players that can support the leading role, not fight for it — team work makes the dream work! This belt from Rasp Designs is perfect for this look because it pulls attention to the waist giving the whole look shape. It also pairs nicely with the Elaine James bag, they play well off one another. The metal in the bag and belt also play off the GHW lid.

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