FAQ Big Dreams & Small Budgets

Big Dreams & Small Budgets

From: Whitney
I am a 14 year old girl and this will be my 1st year showing, mostly in 4-H shows and at our county fair. I am going to be paying for most of my show clothes and horse needs. I love your clothing line, but I just don't have the money for $100 shirts. Do you have a ideas for ways to save some money on show clothes? I will be showing in western pleasure & Equitation, trail, halter and showmanship classes.

Hi Whitney,

Thanks for your note. I know it's hard when you're a kid on a budget to get all your horse show stuff together... That's how Hobby Horse was born, with my mom helping me sew up clothes for me and my horses...

I would suggest that you first figure out what color and style of outfit you like the best, then see if you can get some of it second hand- chaps and hats are the most expensive parts of your show outfit, but good ones last a long time. You might check the bulletin boards at feed stores and the classified ads of your local horse papers for ideas, and don't forget to check out club tack swap meets- a great place to find no-longer-needed or outgrown bargains. Also, the internet is a good place to look for the treasures you're seeking: e-bay is probably the best place to start.

Choose a base color and one accent for your outfit and then always buy the best within your budget, whether it's new or second-hand. If you know a great seamstress, see if she can help you make up some tops or vests that fit smooth and snug and go with the other parts of your outfit. Be careful, though: if you have to go hire a seamstress who is not familiar with show apparel, the chances of getting what you want, on time, for a reasonable price, are kind of slim.

Thanks for asking, hope you are inspired by our catalog, and remember that it wasn't all that long ago that I was sewing in my attic, learning to make what I needed because my mom, single mother and school teacher, always told me "You can do anything, be anything, you just have to try."

Have fun, enjoy the 'try' part, and good luck going into the shows!

Hobby Horse