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Clothes for Men

From: Stacy

I am needing help with finding this same type of quality show clothing for my son. I own several pieces of Hobby Horse Clothing, but can never find the same for him. We are constantly trying to find something to "stand-out" for a boy who is currently showing in Halter and leadline. We have purchased more than 10 "outfits" for each of us, just this season, but still the search goes on for something "different". Does "Hobby Horse" offer anything that fits near this NEED, or do you possibly have ANY suggestions????? Please HELP!

Hi Stacy,

Thanks for your letter. Unfortunately, we do not make show apparel for boys or men. Why? Two reasons: first, men and boys account for perhaps 10% of the potential western show apparel market, so we focus on supplying the nine times larger market of women and girls.

Secondly, men and boys tend to be able to dress appropriately off the rack in nice starched cotton shirts and perhaps a western flavored sport coat for halter classes.

Though we don't off things for horse-men, I'd suggest you contact Rod's Western Palace in Columbus, Ohio, and also Sergeant's Western World in Arlington, Tx. Both of these companies have beautiful mail order catalogs, retail stores, and internet sites, and carry lots of apparel for men and boys.

Thanks for your note- glad we're able to help you out with your show girls, and do try the two stores above for boy's and men's show clothing.

Hobby Horse