FAQ Custom Chap Sizes

Custom Chap Sizes

From: Becky

Do you make custom chaps for customers?

Hi Becky,

Thanks for your note. We don't do custom chaps any more, just the colors/styles listed on the web page at hobbyhorseinc.com.

If we don't have the size or color that you need, I suggest that you contact Bonnie Caylor at 626.961.8827. Bonnie is the El Supremo of all chap makers: in fact, she's the one who taught me her trade and that's kind of how Hobby Horse began! Bonnie worked here with me for almost 10 years doing all the custom chaps, but as our company grew, I realized that we were doing lots of the the same chaps over and over again, about 80% of the time: black or sand in a surprisingly narrow range of sizes. With Bonnie's help and blessing we started our Ready-To-Win chaps about five years ago, and they have been a great success.

Bonnie knows how to make chaps that fit, and fit beautifully, so we adapted the custom Hobby Horse styling to the most common sizing that we extracted from a couple thousand sets of custom chaps. I was a bit sceptical that off-the-rack chaps could work, but they were a big, big hit and we now sell a couple thousand pairs each year. The fun part is, Bonnie and I are still great friends and her sister, Gretchen, still makes the Hobby Horse Ready-to-Win chaps!

So, we're one big extended Hobby Family, but if you need something incredibly wonderful and special, Bonnie's the one to call. She has a studio here in southern California but sends chaps all over the world after talking people through the measurements over the phone. Please tell her the Hobby Girls say Hi!

Thanks for asking, and of course, Hobby Trails!

Hobby Horse