FAQ Down Under Dilemma

Down Under Dilemma

From: Samantha

I have a question for Suzi... I have just started up in western on (at the moment) my 16.2 large boned black mare. I thought if I got black black chaps I would dissappear into the horse..so I did the brave thing (for an english person anyway!) and ordered some lovely suede burgandy chaps. I have a tapestry top with a burgandy base colour that will match, my question is what on earth should i wear underneath it! My hat is a cream colour, and my hair is red, but short enough to not be seen under the hat. Please help me as I have racked my brain for weeks and I still cant decide on what colour I should wear on top! If you have nay other suggestions for suitable vest colours I would certainly appreciate that as well.

Thank you so much for your time.

Hi Samantha,

Thanks for your nice note. I applaud your general bravery in avoiding 'the black thing.' I would imagine that the burgundy is probably a really good choice: dark but interesting, flattering for your debut on the World's Biggest Pleasure Machine... For now, just get going with a cream slinky top to coordinate with your cream hat- figure out some complicated ensemble later, but get showing, girl!

Your tapestry vest will demand the most attention, and all you need is a simply slinky to preserve your modesty (or restore it, if you have lost your modesty along the way....)

Give it a try, go show some and look at photos or videos you get from the shows, and plan your revisions after that....

Thanks for asking- and good luck!

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