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Hats N' Boots

From: Caitlin

I was wondering about the different styles of creases in western hats. What style is more flattering for a heart-shaped face? What about a more rounded or oval face? I recently read an article in a magazine that said crepe-sole boots are a neccessity for the show ring, but I have a good pair of Justin ropers that I've shown in for a while, are these acceptable or outdated?

Hi Caitlin,

Thanks for your nice note. Hat creases aren't as important to the overal hat/face combo as the brim- in fact, almost the only crown crease you see these days is what is called a cattlemen's style. Brims can make a bunch of difference, though- taking about a 1/4" off a brim can do wonders for a woman's small face, and shaping a brim up on the sides a bit, with a hair more drop in the front and back, can be much more flattering than standard 'made for Garth Brooks fans' brim shapes. The key is to get a hat from someone who cares what it looks like on you! Go to a store that sells nicer hats and ask them to help you.

As for the boots- crepe soles are very popular for two reasons:
1. they're trendy and new and
2. they're very comfy on the old bones when you stand around in them on concrete or asphalt all day.

They are not my favorite for riding, though, for a couple equally good reasons:
1. most crepe soles are double welted and make for a very big 'footprint'of the boot, so big it can be a safety hazard in a snug stirrup and
2. when I look down on my feet, I start to quack- they are very funny looking! Plus, most crepe soles are light colored and show up like water skis with dark tops or dark chaps when you ride. Unless you really love crepe soles or have to ride/stand/ride/stand all day, I'd stick with good old ropers. They work fine for showing, are safe in a standard stirrup, and leave you more money for the really important stuff- like silver!!!

Thanks for asking, and good luck showing...

Hobby Horse