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Hobby Show-Girl Mantra

From: Lost And Confused

I just read an artical in Horse and Rider. I am hoping you can give me some help, because the more I read the more lost I get. This is my first year showing. So to say the least I am not sure what I am doing. I ride a sorrel and white paint. I was thinking about using mostly black for a slimming look, I am an older woman and I do not have that perfect young figure anymore. My idea was black hat, boots pants and chaps. With a hunter green saddle pad and a hunter green blouse, black show vest for riding and black jacket for halter and showmanship. What do you think?

Hi Cindy,

You're not lost and confused- you're doing fine! Your idea of the black (simple, slimming, easy to deal with) with green accents on your sorrel horse is a great first outfit.

Black is kind of universal, and the green will definitely be attractive on your horse. Plus, there won't be a great color contrast at the waist, which will be flattering for you. If you want to be more cool and casual at a show, you might try a nice neutral straw hat for something different, and you can really change the personality of the whole look with various pins and earrings. You'll be fine- don't panic, and remember to chant the Hobby Show-Girl Mantra as you go in the ring "I'm having fun, I'm having fun, I'm having fun." Go show a little and get your feet wet, and worry about complicate outfits later!

Thanks for asking,

Hobby Horse