FAQ Horse Show Mother Hubbard

Horse Show Mother Hubbard

From: Helen

I have 3 Children 12, 14, and 16 that are only starting to ride and show. Where can I find clothes at a reasonable cost?

Hi Helen,

Thanks for your note. Sounds like you're getting ready to be a horse show mom times three! Show clothing is an investment in the success of your children, but still can be a formidable expense. I feel our prices are very reasonable for the quality and style we offer (especially compared the the cost of custom clothes) but here are additional suggestions:

1. Shop e-bay or other internet auction sites for quality secondhand show apparel. Chaps and more expensive jackets are the best bet here, just look before you leap: understand how on-line auctions work, and know what you are bidding on.

2. Check tack shops in your area for both their own resale departments and ads on thier bulletin boards.

3. Make your own ad for tack shops, club newsletters, and show entry booths telling the world what you're looking for. Who knows what is languishing in closets that could be ready cash to someone who is no longer showing or has outgrown their clothes?

4. Consider having someone make your clothes as a last resort. If they are skilled in making show apparel, you will not be paying bargain prices, and if they have never sewn show apparel, chances are you are waisting your money.

Even for someone who knows what they are doing, the cost of fabric, notions, patterns (if you can find something that will work) and the time and hassle factor make the do-it-yourself approach, especially for chaps and complicated jackets or vests, a risky idea. Try second hand, catalogs, or even ponying up the big bucks for custom before you try it yourself unless you are (or have at your disposal) a very experienced seamstress.

Good luck and have fun with your show kids!

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