FAQ Leadline Hints

Leadline Hints

From: Michelle

I need to know more about leadline. What to wear in it for little girls and mother. Also in men's western pleasure.
Thank you!

Hi Michelle,

Thanks for your note. Look on our website (hobbyhorseinc.com) at the "What Should I Wear?" page for western pleasure ideas that also work for leadline. In general, leadline turnout should mimic the adult version of style for a western pleasure class. I suggest that the emphasis be on the child with the leader having some tie-in (color theme, similar shirt, etc..) that makes them look like a team with the child, but not like twins.

It's important that the child's clothes fit and be appropriate for the class, but chaps aren't necessary until you get to the really big shows. Try to find a hat that is actually a kid size so that the leadee won't look like a mushroom, and don't forget the two rules for leadline: 1 Keep it fun: kids don't understand the difference between ribbon colors, and don't need to. 2 Take lots of photos. Your little ones will be in walk-trot, then college, before you know it.

Thanks, have fun, and Good Luck.

Hobby Horse