FAQ Small Daughter, Big Question

Small Daughter, Big Question

From: Cheryl

My daughter is very petite--the size large girls are too big around and not shaped for an eighteen year old and the petites are too large. She wears a size 0 and has a 22 inch waist. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Hi Cheryl,

Well, your daughter could come hang out at the Hobby shop for a while, where we seem to live on birthday cake, Girl Scout cookies, and other sugary snacks... She might 'bulk up' like the rest of us!

Just kidding- I feel our line accommodates about 80% of the riding public, but some sizes really do slip through the cracks, like your petite daughter. Altering women's extra-smalls is about the only alternative. Vests work the best, because you can simply take up the side seams, and still retain the shape in the bust and so forth. The simplest vests are the easiest, and when you get into jackets, it's much more complicated because of the sleeve issues...You might try one of our extra small women's garments and see if it can be easily altered to achieve the fit she needs, but you may have to go the custom route as she is very small proportioned, and we don't have a lot of demand for that kind of sizing.

Thanks for asking- hope it works out.

Hobby Horse