FAQ The Dreams of Little Girls

The Dreams of Little Girls

From: Ashton

Dear Hobby Horse,
My name is Ashton, and I love your clothes. However, I am only 13 years old, so cannot get a job to afford your clothes. I live in Canada, and the exchange rate is too high for my parents to get me any sort of item out of your catalogue. So, what I am wondering, is if you guys sell any of your patterns, or have any place that I could go to get patterns for your clothes. If there is any place to go, or if you sell any of your patterns, it would be greatly appreciated to know of it. Thank you kindly for your time.

P.S. If you guys do not sell patterns, I would suggest that you start, as it would bring in more money, and help some kids get their dreams.

Hi Ashton,

Thanks for your nice e-mail. We don't sell fabric or patterns at this time, but it's something we might consider in the future. (UPDATE: Visit our Elements section for Sew-it-Yourself fabrics, trims, and notions.)

Did you know that I was a little horse girl like you when I started my company? Though I came from a non-horsey family, I was always crazy about horses. In fact, when I was a very little girl I wanted to be a horse when I grew up! Santa Claus brought me a Shetland pony when I was three years old, and because my Mom was a sewing teacher, I started to learn to sew for the pony, instead of a Barbie doll. Brian had all kinds of embarrassing clothes and costumes, but he was a good sport about it.

As I got older, I started to ride in shows and wanted all kinds of fancy clothes like the other kids wore. My Mom (a single parent, and very creative) just said "If you want something, let's make it! And so we did- and that's how Hobby Horse started, in Mom's attic. Here it is, years later, and I'm still sewing stuff for horse lovers like we are....and my mom still works here!

I understand that it's hard to collect the money for all the fun horse stuff you may need and want, and doing it yourself is a good alternative- you never know what it will turn into!

Thanks again for writing, and Good Luck with your projects and your riding.

Hobby Horse