Western Treasure Show Hat


For years, you've asked us for a better western hat that looks proportionate on women, is shaped correctly for the show ring, and doesn't cost a fortune. Here's your hat... better six ways! Better Body: Hand-blended and painstakingly finished European hare and rabbit furs make a lustrous, dense, and durable felt hat body that holds its modified long oval shape. Better Style: Exclusive 4 3/8" crown and 4" brim are shaped for today's desired arena impression, not bar-hopping or bull riding. Slightly smaller silhouette flatters finer faces. Better Sweatband: Softest lambskin with hand-reeded edge for better fit, retention, and comfort. Only soft rolled leather touches your head; no shellacked leather or cardboard fillers used here. Better Brim: Conservative yet contemporary curve stylishly frames your face from both the side and front. Hand-bound grosgrain edge ribbon adds style; helps hat keep its shape. Better Built: Proudly made in the U.S.A. the old-fashioned way, by hand and by heart. More than three hours of hand shaping, sanding, trimming, and finishing go into each Western Treasure hat. Better Value: Please compare the fit, finish, and felt of the Western Treasure to any quality western hat on the market today... you'll be impressed with our price and our product!

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