Chapter 16

Chapter 16


The Elements line consists of basic show tops, along with a variety of specialty trims that allow you to create elaborate and beautiful designs.


Have you ever wanted a unique show outfit, something that exactly expresses your creative concepts and personality, but found that your budget wouldn’t cover a custom designer’s interpretation of your dream design? Now, you can ‘Do It Yourself’ with Hobby Horse Elements as you sew and save.

The Elements line consists of basic show tops designed to be decorated by home seamstresses, along with a variety of specialty trims that allow you to create elaborate and beautiful designs similar to those of custom clothiers whose designer garments cost thousands of dollars. For a few hundred dollars- and your time- you can make a one-of-a- kind show top that looks fantastic in the show ring... and it’s easier than you think.

Start with an Elements top, like our Justine tunic. Available in 8 sizes and 10 colors, Justine is the perfect canvas to support your designing dreams. Sizes and colors for girls, too. Made from our exclusive stretch Hobbyflex poly fabric, Justine perfectly matches Hobby Horse show pants and coordinates with our chaps as well.

Your Justine will arrive with the hidden zipper already set, darts sewn, and collar attached, but the side seams- from wrist to underarm to hip- are open to allow you to easily access the entire garment to add your own trims. When you’re done decorating, simply sew up those side seams for a perfect custom fit. Justine lets you focus on embellishing your show top instead of the tedious time-consuming cutting, fitting, and basic sewing that takes place before you ever get to the fun stuff: decorating!

Now, about that decorating: our Elements line includes the specialty trims you’ll need to make gorgeous tops including crystals, Shimmer glitter sheets, and Ultrasuede. You’ll discover there’s an unlimited number of ways to combine these Elements to make designs from classic to fantastic, and our tips and helpful videos will get you started.

We suggest you start by making a small design on scrap fabric to get a feel for the materials and techniques. When you’ve chosen the trims you like, make a simple sampler to practice design, cutting, and attaching skills you’ll need to do an entire garment.

Our basic Justine Tunic, imagined three different ways using designs from Hobby Horse's Applique CD, iron-on Ultrasuede and Shimmer sheets, with glue-on crystals.

Specialty DIY items like our iron-on Shimmer Sheets and Kristal Kits give you the tools you need to create your own one-of-a-kind show apparel.

Elements components include:

Applique pattern CD Library: get your designer genes on with 20 different scaleable shapes you can print on your home printer to mock up your decorating ideas. When you have the look you want, you’ll use the appliques as patterns to cut your Shimmer, Ultrasuede, or other contrast fabrics to apply to your show tops.

Kristal Applique Sheets: beautiful complex designs in crystals and nailheads on sticky transfer tape. Use your hot home iron or a heat press to apply these designs on any top- a Justine or perhaps a blouse you already own- to add sparkle and shine. And the sheets can be cut up and placed in new ways to create almost infinite new designs, too.

Kristal Kit: contains supplies, tools, and instructions to embellish show tops with more than 2,000 quality crystals in 3 sizes. You can glue or iron on the shimmering rhinestones and discover how fast and easy it is to add the fire of genuine crystals to show garments. Includes glue, applicator sticks, and instructions in addition to the crystals.

Kristal Transfer Tape: this giant-size sticky tape allows you to make your own crystal transfers, with easy to follow instructions.

Shimmer Sheets: solid glitter in a sheet form can be cut into any shape, and heat- set onto your garment with an iron or heat press. 14 colors in 18” x 20” sheets are large enough to make many appliques and include instructions. Shines like crazy!

Ultrasuede Heat Sheets: genuine Ultrasuede in a rainbow of colors comes with a heat sensitive backing that sticks great to almost any fabric. Easy to cut, won’t fray, and colorfast, consider layering Ultrasuede and Shimmer together, then highlighting your design with sprays of shimmering crystals on top of and around the applique. Ultrasuede also makes fantastic fringe.

Once you’re comfortable working with these Elements, you’ll gain confidence to try new materials and trims as your creativity flourishes. Airbrushing, hand-sewn jewels, contrast fabrics for applique, hand painted accents, and dimensional trims including chains and medallions can all be combined with crystals, Ultrasuede, and Shimmer for breathtakingly beautiful show tops.

Ready for the finishing touches for your unique outfit? Hobby Horse sells white dyeable roper boots with boot dye kits to match Hobby Horse show pants and chaps. We also offer Ultrasuede and Hobbyflex materials by the yard if you’re considering making chaps or other show garments to match your Elements wardrobe.

There’s no limit to the beautiful garments you can create with Hobby Horse Elements, your time, and your creative mind. We’ll help you get Ready to Win...and help you have fun doing it!

White dyeable roper boots and boot dye kits for a perfectly coordinated look, Head-to-Toe!