FAQ Smoothie Chaps in Colors?

Smoothie Chaps in Colors?

From: Cari
I would also like to know when you will start making the colored "smoothie" chaps in green, navy, chocolate, sand, and etc. They have really made a statement this year and I am having trouble finding someone to make them for me.

Hi Cari,

Thanks for your note. We do not plan to make smoothies in all those colors, as the vast majority of our chap business is in black. We may add cream but that would be it. More than 80% of our chap sales are black and sand, and only about 10% total is smoothie chaps, so the numbers just aren't there. If you do want a pair of colored smoothies (which would be wonderful!)I suggest you call Bonnie Caylor, the world's greatest chap maker and former Hobby Horse chap lady, at 626.961.8827. She can make anything and does stupendously wonderful work!

Hobby Horse